You are your best blueprint.

Create supportive frameworks that partner with

your whole self to make your desires reality

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Hey Hey!

I’m Athena, an Informed Practitioner and Neurodivergent Mystic.

I know first hand that carving your unique path can be hard, non-linear, and deeply vulnerable.

I’m here to ignite your self trust so you can embody your heaven on earth. May my work to be a balm to your nervous system.

“The Importance-Difficultly Framework is an indispensable exercise! If you feel your creativity is hampered or you’re overly ambitious, you need to work with Athena.”

Marcelis Ashley, Writer, Cinematographer, and Musician

We need more practitioners like this for sure! Love the commitment to discussing inner growth, the ethereal… things you can’t ‘see’ with the eyes.”

Nicole Stroud, Expat & NLP Mindfulness Coach

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