Thought provoking, actionable talks for conferences and organizations to understand how you work best and immediate ways to put that knowledge to use.

Signature Topics

Leveraging Neurodivergence in Life and Work

Many people are newly navigating the impacts of neurodivergence and finding the process discouraging. In this talk, Athena offers guidance on how to embrace and use neurodivergence, so you can show up in ways that honor your needs while still achieving the goal.

Audiences will:

  • Understand 3 steps to truly leverage the strengths of neurodistinction
  • Learn how to more effectively advocate for accommodations at home and at work
  • Discover actionable ways to collaborate with your neurodivergence rather than fight against it

From Good to Great: Tangible Ways to Apply Your Strengths

Knowing what your strengths are is only one piece of the puzzle. Understanding how to effectively use those strengths is the crucial next step! The audience will gain research-based strategies to identify and work in their zone of genius.

In this talk, we’ll cover:

  • The secret sauce that elevates your strengths as an individual and/or team
  • Simple ways to work in your zone of genius more often
  • How to simplify any situation so you can move beyond obstacles
Athena doing the strengths workshop with a small group

Note: Presentations can be tailored to fit your audience’s culture and needs.

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