About Me

I am an embodied practitioner, specializing in supportive systems for Neurodiverse beings

I marry Human Design and Neuroscience to help you create supportive practices so you can self regulate during crisis.

I’m intimately familiar with the brand of devastation that comes with being governed by a higher power. I’ve always been spiritually gifted, but only recently I realized how neurodivergence deepens or distorts my experience of the lessons I receive.

My Work is designed specifically with Neurodivergent creators in mind. Because let’s be honest, we’re literally built different! It’s safe to lean into your unique power.

My podcast What Happens In Between highlights the unsexy middle bits of creating something meaningful. If you want to be on the podcast, or know someone who should, shoot me message!

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton School with a Bachelors of Science in Economics, and a concentration on Decision Processes.

When not working, I’m probably dancing or talking to strangers.