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What Happens In Between explores the unsexy middle phase of creating something meaningful.  I feature emerging creators, artists, and entrepreneurs so we can discuss how it feels to build towards a mission when you don’t have all the answers yet. Join Athena Sayaka for weekly installments and learn how your peers are navigating the process of creating a platform.

The theme of Season 2 is Community. Episodes feature stories from a wide range of perspectives including entrepreneurs who center community in their business model and individuals who have reckoned with their definition and understanding of community.

What Happens In Between features entrepreneurs, artists, and creators who have a burning desire to impact their world, but don’t necessarily have all the answers yet. Come along with us as we discuss the plans, the missteps, and the feelings of moving blindly forward. In each episode, you’ll find key takeaways, and the understanding/reminder that you are not alone in your struggle.

Each interview dances with the space between, whether hearing from an emerging creator or an established expert, the conversation is always focused on process.

New episodes drop Wednesdays! Individual episode descriptions are here.

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