Calibrate will show you how with 4 aspects of human design, you can create a compassionate and effective relationship to discipline.

Calibrate is designed for you if:

You got into creative entrepreneurship because you wanted the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want to… Now, months or years have gone by and you feel like you have been jumping between other people’s methods of productivity – but of course nothing lasts because it’s not tailored to you!

Or maybe you’ve completely avoided the idea of structure and discipline because you didn’t get into this work to be told what to do (even when it’s useful to your goals).

Whatever your situation is, you are not showing up consistently for your work, your business, and your dreams.

It’s not your fault, the “conventional” understanding of discipline and consistency is built on toxic foundation that forces us to follow one rote methodology without accounting for ~silly*~ little things like:

  • Hormone cycles
  • Neurodivergence
  • The fact that we’re dopamine creatures that crave variety and intrigue

*that was sarcasm, all of the above (and more) are massively impactful to how we individually interact with our goals and the work required to achieve them.

You are not built to show up in exactly the same way every single day.

So are you ready to uncover a set of systems that will actually work for you, without burning you out or boring you to sleep?

Who made this delectable little treat?

Hi I’m Athena! I’m a Capricorn rising with Pluto in my first house, so you know I’m here to make structure in your life supportive, sustainable, and sexy as hell 💦

Athena Sayaka