Clarity and Prioritization Intensive

Athena Sayaka | Coach

Hey! I love to translate abstract ideas into concrete, actionable tasks. I give creators the tools and systems to boost productivity and take immediate action.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by too many projects without a clear picture of what to do?

Does this sound like you?

  • Multi-passionate person with a lot of great ideas and projects
  • Barely seeing growth in any one pursuit
  • Struggling to translate your goals into actionable tasks
  • Splitting your energy and attention across too many projects
  • Constantly burnt out and overworked

This intensive works best for multi passionate individuals who have too many goals or projects floating around them and need help prioritizing their action. This is also beneficial for folks with very abstract goals that don’t know where to even start.

What are you waiting for?

What is the Clarity and Prioritization Intensive?

My clients leave the intensive knowing which projects to pour into most over the next 90 days. We work together to boost your productivity and make it easier to achieve your goals!

After the intensive you’ll feel invigorated to take action AND you’ll know where to start immediately! You’ll gain more clarity on what actually needs to be done in order to shift your goals from dream to reality.

What People Are Saying:

The session was fantastic! Athena was so easy to talk to and ready to meet me and my scattered brain of loose ideas, where I was and help me see a real way to organize my thoughts and future. Having me assess values was also really helpful as it gives me lens to look at all my ideas and plans with. So thank you thank you. I’ve already started working on some of my goals.

Briana Gause

The Importance-Difficultly Framework is an indispensable exercise! If you feel your creativity is hampered by professionalism, need help with Project Management, or you’re overly ambitious, you need to work with Athena.

Marcelis Ashley