A personalized guide for Neurodistinct Creators

Discover how you are uniquely designed to thrive through transformation


  • Having the tools to self regulate in the midst of chaos
  • Embodying the eye of the storm while uncertainty rages around you
  • Knowing exactly how you’re designed to learn through mutation
  • Feeling unshakeable peace, despite any external situation

Learn how to create a safe space for yourself

So you can embody a deep sense of TRUST during big transformations.

What You’ll Receive:

Valued at $67


Why you are experiencing this transformation/crisis/shift

What is being asked of you

Where to direct your energy during this decadent ride

Who you can emerge as on the other side

Valued at $112


Simple, yet potent practices to integrate lessons with ease

Energetic map for emotional regulation

Clear energetic pathways so you can receive abundance

Develop a loving relationship with your intuition and Spirit guides

Valued at $55


to help you:

Cultivate a receptive mental environment (so the lesson can land

Know exactly where to orient your energy for healing and growth

Determine the person you want to be moving forward

Decide what you want to be true

Valued at $55


that make it easy to:

Self regulate

Align with your chosen beliefs

Be and stay grounded during tumultuous times

All of this for $95

Healing can be hard. I know how it feels…

  • to constantly have your ass handed to you by Spirit
  • to experience a complete upheaval of your life with no clear way forward
  • to doubt if you can truly grow out of the current devastation

You and I both know that there is no growth without metamorphosis. While we can’t stop change from happening, we can shape how you deal with it!

You can resist change and face the same wound over and over

until it finally breaks you


You can learn how to navigate uncertainty with ease and internal safety

Make those lessons easier (and faster) to receive when you know how to

self regulate and support yourself through difficult seasons.

Once you know EXACTLY how you were built to thrive, you can dance in the face of crisis!

My Story

I’m intimately familiar with the fact that embodying big goals often requires major transformation. I’ve always known I am a vessel for Spirit, but only recently realized how neurodivergence deeply impacts my experience of the lessons I receive. The initial seed of this work started in 2017 when I had so much inner turmoil that I woke up everyday wanting to die. When it became clear that my Divine Team was not gonna let me go, I had to make embodiment easier for myself.

Using neuroscience insights, I created a guide for myself where I recorded everything from what to do when I’m indecisive to tactics for increasing dopamine when I’m depressed. When I discovered Human Design, I saw a way that I could help others use and develop their own practices and rituals to emotionally ground and self regulate during the onslaught of personal and societal crises we experience in this world. May my Work be a balm to your soul and your nervous system.

Hear from others who have worked with me

The session was fantastic! Athena was so easy to talk to and ready to meet me and my scattered brain of loose ideas, where I was and help me see a real way to organize my thoughts and future.

Suni B Rose

This [session] changed the course of my week and hopefully my life.

Ava Esquier

Athena frequently sparks new thoughts and practices for me around personal sustainability and effectiveness, no matter how much I think I’ve mastered my personal systems and routines. Thank you Athena, the ROI on these practices is in excess of $10k

Joseph Webhe