How To Find Your Core Values

core values as north star


Core values are your inner compass and help you live with more alignment. Determining your core values can also help you make hard life decisions with ease, so you can avoid regret or indecision. With strong personal core values, you have more direction in life and values help you stop feeling like you’re flailing in the wind.

Learn 3 easy steps to find your core values!

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So you want to know how to find your core values, in this video I’m going to show you x easy steps to find the words and values that give you a deeper understanding of yourself AND make it easier to express that understanding to others.

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Values are the north star that you calibrate all your actions and decisions to. Here’s the 3 steps with clients to help them discover their core values

1. Discover and Explore

Look at a list of values, and pick the words that call out to you.

Take personality tests, like Myers Briggs, Enneagram, and Gallup strengths to see how they describe you. Take the words and qualities they use to describe and decide what you want to amplify

Even quizzes for your favorite movies and shows like Avatar the Last Airbender or Disney content can be could resources to find language for your values!

I’m an air and fire bender! What is your element and which character you vibe with the most? …all shade, all tea: I love Zahir.

2. Define Core Values

Once you’ve got your words, clump together the similar terms. Find the commonality between your clumps and choose a word to be an umbrella term for each cluster.

I condensed my initial list of values into 5 specifically defined words that feel good to me. For instance, one of my core values is Growth- which I define as bravery, adventure, and continuous improvement. By defining the terms you find in step 1, you get to shape values that are completely unique to YOU.

3. Dance With It

Hang out with your values for a while to see how they feel. It’s 100% ok if you do some reflecting and change your mind!

Feel into how these newly defined values can show up in your everyday life, interactions, relationships, and decisions.

And PS- while we’re at it- just because something is not your core value, doesn’t mean you don’t value it at all. I value generosity, but that doesn’t mean I want to shape my whole life around it.


Finding your core values can be an easy 3 step process! If you want to learn how to create a decision framework based on your values, check out this video next!

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