Black x Multiple AuDHD x Creative Activist with Ben-Oní

Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or on your favorite podcast platform.  Episode Summary: In this episode of What Happens In Between, I sit down with Ben-Oní, a neuroexpansive clinical psych doctoral student, orator, writer, and Black disability justice activist. Ben-Oní shares their experience as a Black Multiple AuDHD and […]

How Focusing On The Feelings (Instead Of The Outcome) Creates Lasting Joy with Shirin Eskandani

Welcome to this week’s episode of What Happens in Between where Shirin Eskandani, a certified life coach and alchemist, busts the myth around building your dream life. It’s easy to constantly look to the next big thing to finally make you feel fulfilled. But the truth is, satisfaction and fulfillment live in the present, in what’s happening now. Shirin helps us to reframe how we think about purpose, joy, and dreams. It’s not what you want or when you get there, it’s who you are being in this process of making your dream come true.