Self Love For Black Women

I’ll be sharing the ONE change that will unlock true self love for Black women and change your life. Plus I’ll share 3 steps to help you make that change!

Self love is more than just face masks and looking hot on instagram! Self love for Black women is deep, ongoing work, and frankly we need more reminders to take care of ourselves as much as we take care of others.

I share a little bit about my personal self love journey and actionable tips to help you move forward your journey!

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Here’s the one thing stopping you from truly loving yourself:

You are suppressing parts of who you are!

My 3 steps to stop suppressing yourself and become an emotionally safe space for the fullness of your emotions.

Seek Your Shadow

Look at all the traits in you that you’ve been avoiding or shaming yourself about. Just sit with them. Allow yourself to witness exactly who you are.

Realize those attributes are ultimately neutral and it how you leverage them that has the positive or negative charge.

Anything that you see in yourself that you want to change, realize that you developed that persona or habit because at some point it felt necessary to your survival.

Separate What’s Yours

Remind yourself OFTEN what beliefs and expectations are yours versus what people imposed on you.

Talk To Your People

Your journey to self love is not your responsibility alone.

Unpopular opinion but- the folks who demand energy and emotional support of you, need to know what you need from them. Tell your people how to support you.

One of my best friends is a blue eyed person, alabaster person who was socialized as a man. I don’t expect them to have all the tools or awareness to hold space for me. However, we’ve had a lot of great conversations where they learned the tools to create an emotionally safe space. My speaking up was the only way to make the friendship work in a balanced way.

Remind folks to check on their strong friends!! psst… that’s you!

Let me know in the comments if you’re the strong friend and always felt like the emotional foundation of the room

Outro on Self Love For Black Women

Thank you for watching and thank yourself for even starting this journey.

Remember to like, subscribe, and comment. Share this with the strongest women and femmes you know, because we’re the ones out here forgetting to care for ourselves before we care for others.

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