Nobody Comes Here to Hide

I started my podcast because I want a larger community of black creatives and because I want to capture the energy of being black and ambitious. I talk to people who are in the beginning or middle of building their dreams.

At times, I can get weary of listening to experts because they are too far ahead of me to feel approachable. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to experts to learn from and emulate their journey. However, sometimes I want to hear from someone who feels accessible enough that I can reach out and touch.

Nobody Comes Here to Hide is my effort to create community. I know there are other black creatives/entrepreneurs/multi-hyphenates out there who are lacking the entrepreneurial community around them, so this is for you. You are not alone in esoteric interests. You are not alone in feeling alone. You are definitely not alone in your struggle.

I’m tired of only hearing struggle reduced to mere stepping stones to a person’s success. Let’s fucking talk about it! It’s hard to build something that matters. It is hard to pave the way or to be the only person in the room that looks like you. Let’s talk about trying in the dark and hear how people feel while they are in the thick of it.

In 10 years I’ll re-interview some of my guest and then we can reflect on our journey.

I hope the podcast shows that there are people who look like me living their best life and it highlights the infinite paths available to get to that point. 

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