3 Questions to TRANSFORM How You Think About Money

In this delightful little romp, I share the questions that transform my relationship to money and help me get more of what I want in easier, more direct ways. You don’t know what you actually want! and that’s ok – through this video you’ll discover what does money mean to you?

I ask myself these 3-4 questions before I do everything, like planning, budgeting, committing to a project, and setting goals for the year. Don’t set your goals for 2024 until you watch this video! I believe in you and your discernment though so let me know if these 3 questions can change your relationship to money.

In this channel, I enjoy talking about metacognition- which is thinking about thinking. Thus I share the frameworks, mental models, and prompts that shape how I think to better support me in receiving what I want.


  • You’re doing money wrong 0:00
  • Brief intermission 0:28
  • What does money mean to you 0:38
  • The questions 1:48
  • Why these questions work 2:33
  • What do you actually want? 3:41

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