How Creative Confidence Helps You Get More Opportunities

creative confidence with Alyssa Neff

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This week on What Happens In Between we talk with designer Alyssa Neff. She talks about merging business skills with creativity, finding your place in a landscape where you are the only one like you, and how creative confidence as an artist opened doors for money making opportunities. You can connect with her on social media platforms @alyssathecreative 

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Alyssa Neff is a 28 year old fashion designer, creative director, and business owner out of Milwaukee WI. After graduating college for fashion in 2016 she sought to fill a niche for empowering artists. She ran her own 3 day art festival, opened her rentable creative studio, and launched her fashion brand. Now, she looks to empower artists while encouraging them to merge business skills with creativity. Find her on social media platforms @alyssathecreative


  • Alyssa Background 1:16
  • Shouts to Alyssa’s gorgeous Winter Collection 1:53 
  • The first time Alyssa made money for her art 3:16
  • How to escape the starving artist mentality 6:10
  • How Alyssa is monetizing her talents today 8:22
  • Alyssa’s experience with productivity and consistent growth 9:27
  • Creative accountability and how to sustain it 12:09 
  • Alyssa’s journey with confidence and her advice for others 15:42
  • How creative confidence opens doors for more immediate opportunities 19:07
  • How Alyssa measures progress for long term goals 21:23
  • Seedling Round 24:24

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