40: How To Build Crystal Clear Intentions To Thrive In Your Purpose With Rya Hodges

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On What Happens In Between this week we talk with Intentional Change Agent Rya Hodges. She breaks down why we have more time than we think we do and how much time is wasted in microbursts. She also talks about how important developing a strong internal voice so you can keep it simple a and move in your Why. When your intention is clear it’s easier to keep eyes on your paper. For more information about Rya visit https://www.ryahodges.com or Instagram at @ryajhodges.

Question of the Week: How do you want to feel?


It all happened intentionally. Rya Hodges was fired from my “good” corporate job on the day she was going to quit. She was ready to leave the comfort of her International Trade Analyst position and never look back. She had been building her brand around intentionally living for years prior and her mission became too heart-centered to ignore. Rya then became a certified time management coach to help other women become more intentional in their own lives.


  • Redefining The American dream so that it’s aligned with our intentions. 
  • Developing a strong internal voice so you can move in your Why.
  • Avoiding status anxiety
  • Dig deep into yourself and YOUR desires and find contentment 
  • Minimalism as a Black person
  • How to prioritize when multipassionate 
  • Who coaches the coach
  • How she created amazing copy
  • How to achieve clarity

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