Crafting Your Dream Life Abroad With Nicole Stroud (The Soulful Expat)

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This week on What Happens In Between we talk with expat Nicole Stroud. She talks about working and living abroad, cultivating relationships while traveling, and how community is important even when you are thousands of miles away.  Connect with her @thesoulfulexpat !

Question of the Week: Did my ancestors think about evolving and relationships as much as I do? And does that mean I’m more or less evolved??


She’s a Soul Empowerment & Mindset coach whose experiences expand in several countries including USA, UAE and China. As a result of her growth and experiences as an expat, she was challenged to evolve and reflect on her beliefs, desires, and the way one should live. As a result, she was able to release more than $40,000 in debt, gain inner peace, cultivate empowering relationships, and design a life as an expat which feels fulfilling. Currently her lifestyle reflects abundance, alignment, and consciousness and not based on outer influence and now she wants to teach other women how to do the same.

Nicole empowers women to release societal expectations and connect to their soul so they can design a life of abundance, alignment and fulfillment through mindset and spiritual tools.


  • Why Nicole is an expat in China 1:07
  • Nicole’s experience COVID living in China 3:58
  • More info on teaching abroad 9:24
  • How to develop community as an expat 11:58
  • How to make following your intuition less scary 13:54
  • The influence of familial culture (Jamaican) on how Nicole’s travel 18:33
  • Opportunity cost (especially as an expat) 22:18
  • How Nicole determines between good and Great opportunities 26:10
  • Building trust in yourself to achieve clarity 29:44
  • Nicole’s love and journey of mindset work 31:47
  • Being fully yourself while making the changes you want to see 38:59
  • Seedling round 42:00

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