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Crafting a Lifestyle Business That Works For You with Chrishan Wright

THE SHOW In this episode of What Happens In Between, Chrishan Wright, creator of Blaxit Global, talks about how she built her company and business to give her freedom. Chrishan discusses how she structured Blaxit Global so that it could grow sustainably, impact thousands, and prevent burnout. Connect with Chrishan: @blaxitglobal on IG and […]

Using Artistic Honesty to Ground Yourself During Massive Growth With Zeek Burse

THE SHOW This week, we chat with Philadelphia based musician Zeek Burse about all things related to the creative process, from gratitude to family history to Divine signaling. We dig into Zeek’s personal and professional evolution before and after the pandemic. He shares how he maintains artistic honesty as his music career takes off and […]

Retreat- How To Create A Vacuum

One of the aspects of business content I despise is the purporting that life exists in silos. Every aspect of your life bleeds into and affects each other. So, I find it useless when someone gives me advice that doesn’t take into account the fullness of being a human.  “Be willing to outwork everyone in […]

Crafting Your Dream Life Abroad With Nicole Stroud (The Soulful Expat)

What Happens In Between is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, IHeart Radio, Google Play, and more! THE SHOW This week on What Happens In Between we talk with expat Nicole Stroud. She talks about working and living abroad, cultivating relationships while traveling, and how community is important even when you are thousands of miles […]