What is Human Design? (and a HOT take about its creator)

What is human design? I share the generic definition as well as how I personally use human design.

Human design is a system that weaves together the following mystic traditions: Astrology, Kabbalah, Chakra system, and I-Ching principles. HD is based on your birth date, time, and location and provides an energetic blueprint of how you operate (best).

The video generously slides into context about the creator of Human Design. And I explain why we need to learn how to interact with systems like Human Design and Astrology with a strong sense of our own inner authority.

This introduction to human design is part of my forthcoming Human Design 101 series. Next up we’re going to cover conscious and unconscious profile lines.


  • 0:00 introduction to human design
  • 0:47 How I use Human Design
  • 0:56 context on the creator
  • 1:29 why his background matters (this is where things get spicy)

For some reason unknown to all mankind, I say “sensational” A LOT in this video 🤕 and I choose to stand on that business.


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