How to Create a Personal Brand with Ease While Attracting Your Dream Clients with Amber Marianne

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Amber gives us a candid look at the highs and lows of building a personal brand for yourself. She also shares amazing and actionable insight on how to rediscover yourself and your interests and use that to develop a professional niche. 

Question of the Week: How can I create from a place of authenticity?

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Hey! My name is Amber Marianne. I’m a Photographer + Brand Strategist and the founder of Cocoa Grove Studio. I’ve found my passion in building genuine, impactful connections with women in the conscious beauty + wellness industry.


  • 1:40 Amber’s background
  • 2:40 The key difference between building someone else’s brand vs personal branding
  • 6:00 Money mindset
  • 11:16 How to cut through the noise in your personal brand
  • 12:00 The relationship between consumption and creations 
  • 15:45 How to determine your ideal client
  • 17:30 How to define your niche when you’re first starting a business
  • 20:43 Amber’s next steps and plans for the future

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