Using Artistic Honesty to Ground Yourself During Massive Growth With Zeek Burse

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This week, we chat with Philadelphia based musician Zeek Burse about all things related to the creative process, from gratitude to family history to Divine signaling. We dig into Zeek’s personal and professional evolution before and after the pandemic. He shares how he maintains artistic honesty as his music career takes off and his audience continues to grow. We also get into relativity and taking yourself as you are everyday. 

Connect with Zeek at his website IG: @zeekburse Spotify and iTunes and wherever you stream music: Zeek Burse

Question of the Week: Will I get more plants this week? (probably yes)


Exhilarating passion, incomparable vocal range, and electrifying energy are just a few things that make up the Philly based artist known as Zeek Burse! Zeek challenges himself to “create art for vulnerable humans to make them feel safe, when battling judgement from others!” He’s traveled and performed at the Firefly Festival 2018, SXSW 2018 and 2019, around the US, as well as London and Paris. He is also the voice of the theme song “We Need Hope” on Italy’s hit TV show “Carpool Karaoke.” His latest single “GRAAY” can be heard on his website:, and on all streaming platforms! On and off the stage to evoke a message of equality, unity, and understanding amongst the human race!  Zeek Burse is a MUST SEE!!!


  • 00:15 a very very cold open about Zeek’s living room/ virtual stage
  • 2:45 Zeek’s intro and musical background 
  • 4:31 How Zeek keeps himself honest in his artistry
  • 8:38 Honoring the initial inspiration during the creative process
  • 12:00 How to maintain authenticity in the public persona
  • 17:12 Thoughts on being misinterpreted 
  • 18:38 How to communicate your artistic vision and trust others with your creative babies
  • 22:23 Zeek’s transition into a full time musician 
  • 27:37 The beauty of slow growth and divine timing
  • 30:29 How to reel in the “grass is greener” mentality
  • 32:46 How to interact with newer forms of creative direction once you start to expand (featuring Zeek’s cool projects)
  • 36:53 seedling round


Black Music Philly

Soul Sista Reimagined (music video and coffee table book)

Lifewater Life Unseen in partnership with Issa Rae

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