21.5: How to Prime Your Mindset to Achieve Your Goals with Dr. Anotonio Harrison

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Dr. Antonio Harrison is a father, husband, VR fitness coach, and a former professor of Behavioral Analysis. This conversation was so good, I had to split it into 2 episodes! 

This part of the episode is more focused on how to craft your thoughts, or inner reality as Doc calls it, in order to actually shape your outer reality. Coach Doc gives actionable advice on lifestyle design to optimize for fulfillment. In this episode we discuss:

  • Performance and authenticity 
  • How boredom breeds creativity 
  • How he affirms his kids – the inner reality creates the outer reality
  • Personal branding 
  • Why you should do things without regard for if other people will watch

Question of the Week: If you strip away every categorized label you have, who are you?

Connect with Antonio across platforms at @onecoachdoc 

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