22: How Dioganhdih Uses Their Gift To Fight Cultural Erasure (REPLAY)

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In honor of Indigenous People’s Day on Monday, I am re-uploading my conversation with Dioganhdih, who is an indigenous non-binary lyricist, rapper, and activist! 

When I first encountered Dio, I was subsumed by their energy and saw bits of my experience reflected in their music. During a conversation, Dio opened my eyes to some hard truths and beautiful sentiments. When I asked why they create music and why they are building a platform, Dio said simply “I’m trying to fight the erasure of my people and my culture”. That is an enormous weight to carry. Dio does it with such grace and unfettered passion. AND they’re always stunting on us? I’m so grateful to have ever shared space with this incredible two spirit Haudenosaunee lyricist and activist. 

In this episode we discuss,

  • How Dio honors their ancestors through their work
  • Why Dio works exclusively with artists of color
  • Hot gossip on the inner workings of the US Trademark and Patent office
  • A sneak peak of Dio’s upcoming album Born Again Rezbian

Check out their website www.dioganhdih.com Connect with Dio on Instagram @Dioganhdih and check out their new single Stoodis on soundcloud! 
Question of the Week: What can you do this week to honor your community?

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