Sustainable Growth For Your Side Hustle w Daneshé Henry

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Daneshé is the creator of The Chroma Network, an online community that champions the professional development of women of color. This week she breaks down the benefits of slow growth and time management. She also discusses how folks can develop a strong mission statement that cuts through the noise. You can find her at @thechromanetwork on IG and LinkedIn

Question of the week: What really matters?


Daneshé Henry is the creator of The Chroma Network: a digital media brand, and budding online community, that champions personal and professional development for women of color. The Chroma Network aims to reduce the gatekeeping surrounding career advancement education, including access to WOC role models and mentors across industries, through digestible online resources. Connect @thechromanetwork on IG and LinkedIn


  • Daneshé’s background 1:20
  • Why she started The Chroma Network 2:38
  • How Daneshé found the connective thread between her passions 5:45
  • How embracing all of her passions helped her to build a brand 8:22
  • Actionable steps to craft a compelling mission statement 11:30
  • How being First generation American impacts Daneshé’s values 13:56
  • Ways to cut out the noise in entrepreneurship 16:25
  • Resources that has helped The Chroma Network grow 19:54
  • How to avoid shiny object syndrome for your business 22:01
  • 3 ways to create time for your side hustle when you have a 9 to 5 23:55
  • Seedling round: 27:48

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