How to Tap Into Your Weirdness to Create Your Future w/ Tyra George

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This week on What Happens In Between we talk with creator and crystal enthusiast Tyra George about the importance of tapping into your weirdness, rewriting your story, and how journaling can help you live up to your potential. You can find her online at @beautifulweirdos and

Question of the Week: What are you celebrating?

Over here at What Happens In Between, we’re celebrating 50 episodes!!!! On the crux of a our first anniversary!!! I’m still deciding how we’re going to celebrate, but stay tuned!


Tyra George

Tyra George is your resident Creator, Contributor, Crystal Enthusiast, Intuitive Homie and Spiritual Plug here to assist you with walking IN purpose and ON purpose! 

She offers tools such as healing  stones and crystals, tips on how to release the noise of negative self talk through journaling, insight and advice based on her personal experiences via her Weirdo Wednesday Lives. 

Beautiful Weirdos is a community welcoming everyone who has ever been labeled WEIRD or JUDGED for making the decision to connect with THEIR higher power. There is no traditional route when it comes to growth, and spirituality. From this point on stop comparing your path to others. Take a deep breath, light an incense or sage and prepare for an adventure!


  • The story behind Beautiful Weirdos 1:03
  • The true definition of “weird” 2:10
  • What the Beautiful weirdos community does 2:30
  • How to rewrite your story 6:45 
  • Personal accountability while rewriting your story 9:39
  • Tyra’s journey creating a thriving crystals business 13:17
  • How Tyra is crafting a long term vision around her biggest challenges 18:18 
  • Tyra’s best tips for effective journaling 21:39 
  • The path is not going to look like how you think it will 26:18
  • Small ways to recharge throughout the journey 30:06
  • Seedling round 33:54
  • How to find your superpower 39:29

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