19: Underdogstuff: Overcoming Fear to Achieve Your Deepest Desires

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Gregory Nesmith has a fascinating background. He was born in Upland PA, but adopted at the age of two and raised in Philadelphia. Gregory started his education at the University of Pennsylvania, but when an incredible job opportunity came knocking, Gregory set out for New York where he lived and worked for 20 years. This May, he finally returned home (he reps Philly hard) and finished his Bachelor’s degree!!!

We get real about how long his fear of starting his own radio show stopped him from creating his platform. Now Gregory is developing Underdogstuff, his new venture aimed at turning savers into first time investors in the areas they know best. In this episode, we discuss:

  • How community can push you to show up for yourself 
  • The joy of working on projects that both excite and terrify you
  • How to manage fear and what catalysts can help you overcome it
  • The definition of home

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