18: How Saddie Baddies Creator Priscilla Agyeman Leveraged Her Curiosity to Create a Thriving Online Community for WoC Mental Health

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Priscilla Agyeman MPH, like all of us, saw the rise of the instagram Baddie, but she wanted to challenge the notion that Baddies are effortless and carefree. Especially because Black women are so constantly showing up for others and doing invisible labor without acknowledging its wear and tear on their emotional health, Priscilla created Saddie Baddies.

Saddie Baddies is a platform that facilitates conversations about mental and emotional health for Black women. Priscilla provides information from her thorough research of credible sources to help saddie baddies make sure that inner health is as stunning as the outer appearance. On this episode: 

  • The importance of creating a space where Black women don’t have to defend their existence
  • What can go in your self care toolkit
  • The importance of feeling your feelings without qualifying or invalidating your emotions
  • Double consciousness of being first generation American
  • Performative allyship and the importance of doing the work

Question of the Week: Can you tell the difference between your intuition and your trauma? If yes, why? If not, how can you distinguish moving forward? 

You can send me your answers @whathappensinbetween on IG! 

Connect with Saddie Baddies @saddie_baddies on IG and Twitter, and checkout the website saddiebaddies.com

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