27: Millionaire Mindset: How The Former Top Earner And Team Leader Now Tackles Growing A YouTube Channel with Leslie D Tucker

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Leslie D Tucker has the growth mindset every entrepreneur needs. She can’t stress enough the importance of mentorship, community, and perseverance. 

With a background in music theater, she went on to become the top earner and recruiter in a networking marketing company. Then in 2020, she decided to do an unpaid internship for a model to learn directly from somebody who was where she wanted to be. 

Now managing 2 jobs, while trying to grow her own YouTube channel, Leslie doles out potent truths about what it takes to pursue your dreams and how to develop the mindset of an entrepreneur.

She offers her take on: 

  • How to start working with brands (like being featured on the SavagexFenty site)
  • Why you should push through the struggle
  • Why (and how) she always stays true to herself
  • What kind of people she surrounds herself with 
  • The loneliness of entrepreneurship

Question of the Week: What is your next project going to be? And how will you make money off that?

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