26: How Investing in Feedback Has Led to Massive Growth in Her Business with Nduulwa Kowa

Host of the Dear Diaspora Podcast, Nduulwa Kowa

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Nduulwa Kowa is the host of the Dear Diaspora podcast which shares the stories of entrepreneurs and change-makers changing the world across the African Diaspora.

She’s passionate about changing the narrative surrounding the African continent, combating issues facing women around the world, leveling the playing field for marginalized groups to ensure equal access to opportunities, and connecting with others to make magic happen.

During our conversation she gives amazing tips on asking the questions that allow her listeners to give her rich and in depth feedback. In this episode we discuss, 

  • When it’s time to invest in yourself
  • How and to whom to ask for feedback
  • How Nduulwa determines the ways she wants Dear Diaspora to grow and evolve
  • How to have all your projects align

Mentioned in the show: Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

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