25: Break Out of the Box Of Preconceived Labels to Live a Full Life and Pursue Multiple Passions with Sonari Chidi

Sonari Chidi

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Sonari Chidi is an interdisciplinary director, producer, actor, and singer- as well as a second year law student! His film Shattering Refuge has been shown and honored in several festivals, and fun fact: he has a 4 minute reel on IMDB. 

Sonari has an incredible perspective about finding ways to have his passion for law and film overlap. He is relentless in his belief that all skills in one area in life can be transferred to another area no matter how different they may seem on the surface. Sonari is passionate about helping others and using his gifts to amplify the voices to the people who aren’t being listened to. In this episode we discuss: 

  • How to incorporate and infuse multiple passions
  • Defying expectations to live a vibrant life
  • Why the primary work you do for money doesn’t have to be your purpose
  • We mention the other search platform

Question of the Week:  What is one thing you want to focus on changing or participating in? Dm your answers @whathappensinbetween!

Connect with Sonari! IG and Twitter: @Sonarijo LinkedIn: Sonari Chidi Check out his documentary’s website: www.shatteringrefuge.com

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