24: (re)Introducing: What Happens In Between AND My 2 Steps For Achieving Clarity

What Happens In Between

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I am super excited to announce the official rebranding of this podcast!! Forever more this show will be known as What Happens In Between and the focus will be to have candid conversations about the unsexy parts of entrepreneurship. 

I finally have defined language to explain this podcast!!! The first part of the episode introduces the newly defined show. Also, I briefly discuss why I changed the name and structure of the show.

In the second half of this episode, in true fashion of the title, I explain my experience between recording the very first episode until now. Secondly, I discuss my struggle to define what this show was about and specifically the 2 things that helped me achieve clarity for What Happens In Between.  

What do you think of my new smexy logo??? Nadeige Archin brilliantly designed the artwork!! You can find her work @heydeige on IG or on her website http://nadeigearchin.com. Follow her, hire her, show her some love! 

Question of the Week: How can you create a weekly deliverable for a long term goal or skill you are trying to achieve? DM me your answers at @whathappensinbetween for accountability!

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