29: Best Way to Strategize For The New Year

Get out your sticky notes and dry erase board!!
How to Strategize for the New Year
The actual journals I used to plan for a new year!!

2021 is rolling up fast and everyone is on their new year, new me wave! But 80% of people fall off that wave by February or March. Learn how to strategize for the new year, so you actually follow through. I do not subscribe to the Gregorian Calendar. But, I do appreciate this time of year because planning gets the mainstream hype it deserves.

Planning is my jam so this solo episode details how I strategize for the new year. I go deep on why I consistently achieve my goals. Like 4x-ing my November income goal!! I love to figure out the ingredients (behaviors +input +environment) that foster growth. In this episode, I share my strategy for planning that sets me up for success. 

In this episode I discuss:
  • The benefits of backward planning and how I do it
  • How to prioritize your projects and goals when you have so many (and they’re all incredible!)
  • Why I wrote my own obituary
  • Using your values to shape your focus
  • I breakdown how I create actionable goals that you will actually achieve (hint: it’s got to be action based)


Win a free 2021 Strategy Overhaul with me!!!! I (virtually) hold your hand through the process of planning and setting up your systems for 2021.

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I, Athena, work with an entrepreneurship incubator and independently (side hustle) do 1-on-1 and group consulting specializing in creating systems and processes that foster behavior change.

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