31: How To Master Yourself With Systems with Taylor Dru The Systems Guru

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There’s nobody who hates wasting time more than Taylor Dru, and now she helps people run their business more efficiently with systems! 

Taylor is an entertaining Atlanta transplant who’s gained insight from years of being an executive assistant to understand how to stop herself and others from wasting time. She’s started doing one on one client consultations, but now she’s in a transitional space, trying to figure out how to switch up her services to better fit her vision. 

In this episode, Taylor shares: 

  • How she got her first client from a tweet
  • How to take care of yourself when balancing multiple jobs and a side hustle
  • What keeps her motivated
  • How she leverages resources at her job for professional development
  • Where she finds community (hint: she makes hilarious Reels)

Mentioned in episode: https://www.dubsado.com/ that silly reel 

Socials: @thesystemsguru and hit her up in the dms

Question of the Week: What do you need to get clear on to maximize your time?

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