31: Tapping Into Your Intuition To Create Your Dreams With Ruth Nakaar

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How do you deal with being homesick? Ruth Nakaar started a restaurant to feel closer to home and culture!

Ruth is the founder of Fudena, a fast casual West African restaurant in Philadelphia! She has a background in international development and just received her MBA from Wharton- can we say multifaceted? At the top of 2019, she had no idea that she’d be launching a restaurant, but even during COVID Fudena has been steadily growing. 

In this episode, Ruth discusses: 

  • Why she wanted to diversify her knowledge and talent 
  • How her intuition has lead her through her journey
  • How her community fostered the growth of Fudena and her professional development 
  • Her current challenges with getting customers without a storefront
  • How her Instagram got Fudena featured in Philly Mag

Question of the Week: What is your intuition telling you? 

Eatfudena.com @eatfudena on Uber Eats

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