41: Tuning Out Noise To Achieve Inner Alignment With Nistha Dube


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This week’s episode on What Happens In Between, Nistha Dube, a mindset and law of attraction coach joins Athena to talk all things productivity. We discuss setting intentions rather than goals, leading with your intuition, and the patience required to attain clarity and energy for your goals. Nistha also talks about cutting through the noise and why disconnecting from your phone is necessary to be healthy, happy and productive. 

Question Of The Week: What can I do this week to feel more in my feminine? 


Nistha is a mindset coach, writer, and aspiring motivational speaker. She attended Virginia Tech University and graduated earlier this year with a Bachelor’s in Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience with a second major in Psychology. Today, Nistha creates content across social media and mentors individuals in achieving their personal and professional goals. Her long-term mission is to create intentional learning in schools across the world and empower individuals to live a life of purpose. She recently published her first poetry book, beyond the skin, now available on Amazon! 

Instagram: @nisthadube | Website: Nisthadube.com


  • How to eliminate/ignore noise
  • Tapping into negative space to build trust with yourself
  • Finding the purpose behind your goal
  • The benefit of ignoring goals
  • Finding the right time to pursue a project
  • How to build a brand aligned with your intuition
  • How to Relationship to social media
  • Conscious productivity
  • How to customize all the advice you see
  • Interacting with scientific studies
  • How to make manifestation work
  • The joys of burpees


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