How To Go From Too Many Ideas To Shipped Work

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If you’re reading this, chances are you are multi-passionate and you’ve had some difficulty either choosing which projects to pursue first or completing a project at a satisfying level. 

We exist in a time where the rhetoric is that you can do whatever you put your mind to. We’ve watched the internet grow into the beautiful, mostly accessible, beast it is today- so we truly have access to more options and knowledge than we can ever seize in a lifetime. 

Enter the polymath. A polymath is, like a Renaissance person, someone who has wide ranging interests aka multi-passionate. 

Trigger Warning:

Some of the problems polymaths experience are fear of not pursuing all of their passions, chronic paralysis about what to do first, indecisiveness because ‘I can’t possibly choose. I can do all my projects at the same time’, burnout from the aforementioned doing it all, and low self confidence because you’ve never really finished anything significant. 

Go ahead, take a sip of water and fan yourself to calm down. I’ll wait.

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Being multipassionate is a blessing! And increasingly more people are opening themselves to the idea that we don’t have to be defined by just one thing. We can be 3 dimensional people with vast and varying interests. We don’t have to limit our passions to fit into a niche (this one’s for me hehe).

I’ve found that being a polymath has been my greatest advantage AND, up until recently, the biggest obstacle standing in my way. When I discovered the common pitfalls that polymaths experience, I became obsessed with how to fix (or mitigate) them. 

How I Fix It

  1. Clarity
  2. Prioritization
  3. Focus + Shipping

“Why isn’t Shipping its own category?” Because 4 pronged doesn’t have the same ring to it- stop questioning me! Just kidding :] I’d love your feedback, feel free to reply to this email. 

Each week I’m going to go in depth about each component of this approach and help you catch a bias towards action so you can ship work you’re proud of. This series will likely span ~2 months so keep reading these newsletters and share it with friends you think could use the help! 

My goal is to help you go from interest to shipped work as fast as possible. Not because speed is everything, but because a huge part of building self confidence as a polymath is finishing a project. 

I found it hard to believe in myself until I actually completed something, then I felt like I could say with confidence what I do. So we, as polymaths, need to put work into the world on a consistent basis to keep the creativity flowing and the confidence growing. 


My podcast episode with Gregory Nesmith who discusses how he overcame fear to start his radio show after 10 years of second guessing himself. Plus his tips on keeping your vision top of mind.

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