43: How to Tap Into Your Authenticity Because Hiding Is Overrated with Shayla Caldwell


Imagine creating for a YouTube channel, running a church, AND mothering 4 children. That is Shayla’s reality and she manages it all with poise and authenticity! She is incredibly honest about the struggle and why there’s no need to hide it. We discuss the urgency to live life to the fullest and how to develop and value your voice as a creator.

Question Of The Week: Are you willing to admit that you’re immature?


Shayla Caldwell is a YouTuber and mom of four who shares her experiences and challenges with life and motherhood. She is passionate about inspiring women and moms to be their most authentic self and to be confident in their ability to overcome fear and insecurity, and has coined the phrase “hiding is overrated”. 

Most recently, she has been featured in Melanated Gold Homeschool Magazine and the Mommifacted blog. She’s looking forward to the next steps on her journey of parenting and being able to help women do the same nationwide. You can find out more about Shayla by following her on Instagram (@junkdrawermom), visiting her website www.junkdrawermom.com,  or subscribing to her YouTube channel www.youtube.com/junkdrawermom.

  • The importance of not comparing your experience to the presentation of others’
  • How she developed her voice and realized her value
  • A personal tragedy that catalyzed her transparency
  • Actionable tips to conquer fear and be your true self
  • How she gets things done as a mother of 4

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