How to Build and Leverage Your Network Authentically with Devo Harris

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3X Grammy winner Devo sits down with Athena this week to discuss following your passion no matter how much it goes against conventional wisdom. He also talks about working with Kanye West and John Legend, and how even after winning multiple Grammys he is not finished pursuing bigger goals.

You can find him at and @springsteezy on all social media platforms.

Question of the week: Who’s gonna put up money in this seed round? How do you make something ubiquitous – is it a top down or a bottom up movement?

PS. Devo says John Legend didn’t kiss a girl in college and now he’s married to Chrissy Teigen… so anything is possible!


Devo Harris is a serial media executive who merges world class creative, cutting edge technology and business strategy. Devo started his career in strategy at PwC before joining Kanye West to found GOOD Music. At GOOD, Devo won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Song (Kanye West’s “Diamonds (from Sierra Leone)”) while producing and writing for artists from Britney Spears to Jay-Z & more.

He also discovered and signed EGOT Winner John Legend to GOOD Music while leading national product launches across several consumer categories. Devo hacked YouTube to pioneer interactive web video in 2010 followed by time leading video player product at streaming giant Vimeo as Senior Product Manager. Devo is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia Business School.


  • All about Devo’s background 2:35
  • How being an Army brat shaped Devo’s personality 3:30
  • Why you don’t need a large network 6:24
  • How to actually leverage your connections 9:20
  • Devo’s top keys for good communication 14:00
  • Devo’s core strengths 17:42
  • A little Athena detour :] 18:06
  • Why you need follow your gut (hint: the way things are now aren’t how it will always be) 21:34
  • How to listen to your instinct in the face of adversity 24:12
  • How to learn outside of the box 27:35 
  • How to build and maintain community during COVID 30:07
  • Seedling round 34:16
  • Why it’s great to say no 37:02

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