How Finding Your Niche Can Scale Your Business With Nadeena Granville

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This week on What Happens In Between we learn from artist and branding expert Nadeena Granville about actionable ways to find your niche. And why you should lean into the excitement and challenges of being a beginner. She also talks about the importance of reflection, consistency, and journaling.

You can find her by visiting and also follow her on social media at @naturallyg_ across platforms and @gainingvisuals

Question of the Week: What is something that brings you joy that you are not giving your time to?


Nadeena Granville, also known as “All Natural G” is a multi-faceted creative, artist and social media influencer based in Milwaukee, WI. She has worked in post-production on a variety of projects ranging from short films and commercials to social media campaigns.

Having worked with clients like Clorox, Pine-Sol, and Canva, Nadeena knows first-hand, what it takes to produce and deliver quality content, connecting with audiences across social channels. She received her BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.

She is the founder and creative director of Gaining Visuals– a boutique marketing and branding agency, where she provides art direction, content creation, and editing.

Through Gaining Visuals, Nadeena has developed a robust client list, building relationships with an array of clients and community partners. When they’re not creating content, you can find Nadeena mixing at weddings, singing karaoke, or composing for short films.


  • Nadeena’s background, starting as a musician to now being a branding expert 2:25 
  • The beauty of being a beginner 5:43
  • What Gaining Visuals is 7:42
  • How Gaining Visuals came into existence 9:44
  • How to Nadeena found their niche 15:04 
  • Actionable tips to find YOUR niche 17:36 
  • Why you should create something every single day 20:42
  • How to maintain joy when using Instagram for business 24:27
  • How to use journaling for clarity 25:40
  • Energy 28:42
  • Seedling Round 29:40


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