45: How Being Authentic Helps You Market Your Worth Ashley Allison

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Ashley had to  start her first business straight out of college because she couldn’t find a job that would compensate her for the value she can provide. She started selling custom clothing pieces online and did influencer marketing before it was all the rage.

She talks about how she scales while still maintaining her 9 to 5 and why it is important to seek help when you need it. PLUS she reveals her entire process for converting and closing clients on high ticket offers and having consistent 5 figure months. You can find her by visiting https://www.missashleyallison.com and @missashleyallison on instagram

Question Of the Week: Are you creating content that your audience actually wants and needs or are you creating content that you assume they need?


Ashley Allison has been an entrepreneur in the online space since 2013. She started her first business straight out of college selling custom clothing pieces online. Shortly after, she started her blog ‪MissAshleyAllison.com‬ and quickly monetized it by partnering with brands like Sally Beauty Supply. Now she helps online coaches consistently sell out their high ticket offers so they can scale to 5-figure months.


  • How Ashley developed her distinct voice 1:33
  • Ashley’s entrepreneurial journey and how she found her niche 3:42
  • How to tap into your innate gift 4:59
  • Ashley’s worst mistakes and what she learned from it 5:45
  • How to get the most from high ticket coaching offers (let go of your entitlement and ego) 6:35
  • The importance of celebrating wins and appreciating the level you are at in the journey 12:15
  • How to get yourself to do your least favorites tasks consistently 14:45
  • The two most powerful practices that got Ashley to consistent 5 figure months 19:00
  • How entrepreneurship brings out limiting belief 20:25
  • How to make content that attracts and closes your ideal client with ease 21:36
  • How to speak to your ideal clients EXACTLY where they are in their journey 24:03
  • Why Ashley is keeping her 9 to 5 27:33
  • Imposter syndrome and selling a dream you haven’t achieved 28:59
  • What Ashley loves about sales and her journey with money 31:52
  • How Ashley’s experience with racism pushed her to entrepreneurship 34:10
  • Seedling round 39:27

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