44: Deliberate Confidence Allows Her to Live in Full Alignment with Lotus Laloba

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Lotus gets candid about how it took a decade of intentional practice in order to make living in alignment look easy. She gives actionable tips on how to build confidence, live in harmony, and take great care of yourself. 

You can find Lotus online at https://lobalandbeauty.square.site/ or listen to her podcast at https://anchor.fm/lobaland.

Question of Week: Can you rest more?


Lotus LaLoba is a mystic practitioner who holds space for WOC to eradicate generational trauma and create a new legacy of limitless Self Love the medium she uses is beauty.

Lotus has 10+ years of spiritual exploration and continue to curate events, speak at engagements, host a mental & spiritual wellness podcast “LobaLand the podcast” & create her Spiritual Beauty line which now consists of magical fragrances that bring abundance, love, clarity and her edible skincare line.

All to support her efforts to cultivate mystic driven Global communities through the multilevel exploration of Black Womxn Wellness.


  • Lotus’ relationship to spirituality and being an empath 2:17
  • Why being a Black woman is a superpower 3:20
  • How to trust your intuition when you don’t have community 4:26
  • Confidence (how to (re)build it and why it’s important) 6:50
  • How to monetize your gifts without feeling icky 10:02
  • Lotus’ focus and advice for 2021 13:50
  • Planning vs being present vs projecting 15:50
  • Lotus explains how to create more time for the activities you love (Einstein time) 16:50
  • The accessibility of living your dream and Lotus’ advice on getting there 20:51
  • Lotus’ journey with self care and what’s in her self care kit 24:00
  • All about the Create-Praise-Recover method 26:03
  • Feminine Divine energy: definition and examples 29:40
  • Seedling round: 32:22
  • Difference between balance and harmony 33:12


The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

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