35: How Working From Faith Is Creating A Graceful Career Pivot with Rashad Sherman

2020 threw a lot of punches, but Rashad Hunt-Sherman was a beacon of warmth and gratitude throughout. 

Rashad is an Atlanta creative skilled in photography, styling, and artistic leadership. Throughout his life his interest in Southern culture, fashion, design, and history have played significant roles in building his artist perspective.

His artistic perspective has connected him with many individuals along the way while also allowing him a space to create. He has worked as a blogger, e-commerce designer, a stylist, and a creative director. He plans to continue on his artistic journey while venturing into both interior design and event styling. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • His relationship to fashion
  • How he is feeding his curiosity by pursuing a new passion
  • How he finds inspiration during the pandemic
  • How reflecting on the past can help map out the future

 You can find out more about Rashad by visiting him online on Instagram at @polished_well or on his website www.polishedwell.com

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