36: How the Finding Her Purpose Led Her to Quit Her Job and Be a Full Time Coach with Sharkina Parker


Imagine knowing you’re in the wrong industry doing the wrong job, but having no certainty of what your gifts can do. That’s how Sharkina Parker felt when she took a leap of faith by quitting her stable job in real estate and jumping into the world of coaching and entrepreneurship. On this show, we love to talk about moving blindly forward, and Sharkina dives into exactly how she navigates with faith and an abundance mindset. 

Sharkina is a Money Mindset Coach with a heart to serve others to help them get unstuck and progress through their financial journey by way of mindset development. Sharkina coaches millennial women regarding mindset shifts, goal setting, and developing better money habits to fulfill their dreams.

In this episode Sharkina shares: 

  • How she got her first client
  • How to find your purpose
  • The importance of being able to transition in the face of adversity
  • HOw to make affirmations that actually work

You can find out more about the Simply Wealthy podcast and her finance strategies by following her online @thefinance_flow

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